Our nonprofit organization, focuses on supporting underprivileged children and youth by teaching them entrepreneurship skills. We also coach and mentor them to understand that they can be anything that they want in their life. We teach and inspire them to follow their passion and pursue their dreams. We are always looking for fellow heart-centered socially conscious entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals who want to support this wonderful cause by donating their time, talent, or treasure.

TIME: Donating your time to work with the children or youth to provide Educational Assistance and Mentorship. If you enjoy working with children, consider volunteering your time to support our next generation of entrepreneurs to reach their God-given potential.

TALENT: Donate Your Specialized Skills or Resources to support our next generation by volunteering your specialized skills, talents, or services as a way to give back. For instance, photographers are partnering with us to raise awareness for the cause. Doctors are donating their skills on our medical missions to underserved children’s clinics.

TREASURE: Giving treasure entails donating money or other valuables. Items donated can be used in events, programs, or be provided to children in need; think about how valuable donating clothes or toys can be. Monetary donations could help with everything from keeping the lights on in the orphanage’s building to providing additional programming for the youth and children we serve. Donating your treasures provides a wide array of opportunities for our organization to increase its scope leading to greater reach and success.

How would you like to support the children?